Angry birds Android 런칭의 5가지 교훈Angry birds Android 런칭의 5가지 교훈

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5 Lessons Learned from Angry Birds Launch on Android

Angry Birds just passed 2 million downloads on Android after launching Friday, making it the fastest downloaded app on Android Market ever. The rush to get the free ad-supported app slowed down servers on app store GetJar, which had first-day exclusive distribution rights.

There is a lot of pent up demand for great games on Android.
 Granted, the free price certainly helped goose sales. But the speed with which people downloaded the title was stunning, suggesting that Android users haven’t had many can’t-miss game titles to turn to. Even though it’s the second largest app store, GetJar was overwhelmed by the response, which slowed down its servers, prompting developer Rovio Mobile to open up sales of Angry Birds on Android Market later in the day Friday. GetJar was originally supposed to have a 24-hour exclusive window. It shows that Android is a viable gaming platform, it just needs more top-notch titles.The successful launch says much about the game, which has sold 7 million paid copies on iOS and was previously released in a lite Android beta version, and also about the state of Android Market. Here are five things we learned:

Paid apps on Android Market are still not the favored way to go for many developers. While Rovio plans on releasing a paid non-ad supported version of Angry Birds, it said via its Twitter account that the market for paid apps on Android is “not yet the model on Android,” partly due to the fact that paid apps are still being rolled out in many countries. Going with a free app allowed Rovio to hit the global Android user base. And the approach fits with the behavior of users, who are more apt to click on mobile ads than iOS users. It’s all part of Rovio’s very methodical approach to each market it sells in. It’ll be interesting to see how paid sales of Angry Birds do. But until the Android Market has wide distribution in more countries and a better checkout system, free apps are the way to go for many Android developers.

Having multiple app stores can help with distribution. It sounds obvious, but for developers, having an option like GetJar could be a big help down the road in getting apps out. While there is only one way to sell apps in iOS, Android could sport any number of stores. That could create some chaos but in the case of Angry Birds, it gave Rovio a way to publicize its app apart from Android Market. Having more storefronts that can feature your app could be good for developers who are still finding it difficult to spur sales on Android Market alone. And it gives developers some flexibility if one store is overwhelmed by downloads. The GetJar exclusive also highlighted the growth of GetJar, which touts itself as the second largest app store in the world. With exclusives like Angry Birds, GetJar has suddenly gained a lot more exposure with many Android users.

The tide of quality games toward Android is shifting. With the release of Angry Birds, along with Fruit Ninja last month and Doodle Jump back in March, Android now has three of the top ten games from the Apple App Store. There’s still a ways to go but it suggests that developers may be ready to capitalize on the Android opportunity after saying as much for a number of months. Peter Relan, chairman of Aurora Feint, which operates the OpenFeint social gaming platform, told the Wall Street Journal he started bringing games such as Fruit Ninja to Android a month ago including Fruit Ninja because developers said they were ready to make the move, provided they got the promotion and distribution help from OpenFeint. There are still issues to deal with like a culture of free apps on Android and the need for better discovery and payment methods, but Angry Birds may prove to be a turning point for better games on Android.

Android fragmentation is a serious issue for developers. In its tweets, Rovio Mobile said it began working on the Android version of Angry Birds in the spring. But the company said it took a long time to test for all the different Android devices to ensure they worked well. “Main challenge with Android is the amount of different devices. They are all different. Takes forever to test,” the company said tweeted. In the end, there are still devices like the HTC Hero and Sony Ericsson X10 that appear to have problems running the game. By comparison, porting over Angry Birds to webOS earlier this year only took a “few hours.” This could be a growing problem for Android developers as the number and variety of devices proliferates.

Angry Birds가 Android에 런칭하면서 배운 5가지 교훈에 관한 이야기입니다. 제작자가 직접 올린 것은 아니지만 참고할만한 내용들이 많네요. 첫번째로 안드로이드 역시 게임에 대한 수요가 크다는 것. 두번째로 안드로이드에서는 아직도 유료앱시장을 그다지 선호하지 않는다는 것. 세번째로는 다양한 앱스토어를 통해 판매량을 증대시킬 수 있다는 것. 네번째로는 안드로이드의 OS Fragmentation이 역시 심각한 문제라는 것입니다. 하나는 당연히 질좋은 게임들이 점차 등장할 것이라는 것인데 그다지 중요하지 않은 것 같네요(당연한 얘기라서;) 

앵그리버드는 안드로이드에 런칭하면서 첫번째로 공식 마켓이 아닌 Getjar를 통해 런칭했습니다. GetJar(는 독립 앱스토어로서 안드로이드등 다양한 플랫폼& 핸드폰을 지원하고 있습니다. 스마트폰 붐이 불기 이전부터 서비스를 시작했기에 많은 고객을 확보하고 있음은 물론이고, 다양한 국가에 서비스 제공 & 경험을 쌓고 있습니다. 아마 KT나 SKT 스토어가 궁극적으로 따라가고자 하는 모델이 아닐까 생각해보는데요 

제 생각에는 앵그리버드가 Getjar를 통해 런칭함으로서 안드로이드 마켓의 복잡한 UI와 서비스 되는 지역의 한계를 넘는 전략을 폈다고 봅니다. 또한 유료 모델이 아닌 광고 모델을 선택함으로서 2틀만에 2백만 다운로드라는 파괴력을 보여주고 있구요. (형진군이 약5만 다운로드를 기록했는데 한달 광고수입이 약 50만원.. 그렇다면 앵그리버드는 2백만이니 산술적으로만 계산해도 한달 2천만원 예약이군요 아마 CTR도 훨씬 높을테니 몇억 찍지 않을까 합니다) 여러가지로 시사하는 바가 많네요 ^^

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